Our Sites

South Park, Santa Rosa, CA

Located in Santa Rosa city, our CBI coaches have begun the integration phase with the community to identify key problems that they face to work toward changing upstream conditions and improve aspects of residents’ daily lives.

Center for Healthy Neighborhoods, California State University Fullerton (CHN CSUF),
Fullerton, CA

Also a new site, our CBI coaches are initiating the integration phase with CHN to identify community needs in the area of Richman, Fullerton. With coaching, residents who are a part of CHN will identify their pressing needs, and mobilize to change upstream conditions that create those needs.

Peninsula Community Collaborative,
Samoa Peninsula, CA

CBI coaches have been working with the Peninsula Community Collaborative for several years. The Collaborative convenes and represents residents of the Samoa Peninsula, which consists of 4 unincorporated towns along a peninsula in located Humboldt County. Key issues and concerns identified in this community include lack of a feeling of safety in certain Peninsula areas/ settings, including tsunami and earthquake prone area, and a lack of infrastructure to support pedestrian and bicyclist safety. Through community organizing, education, and engaging decision-makers, the Collaborative has developed and shared robust disaster preparedness plan updates, improved infrastructure for pedestrians in neighborhood of Manila, and achieved multiple County policy changes.

Bridgeville United, Greater Bridgeville Community, CA

Bridgeville United is located in the Greater Bridgeville Community in Humboldt County. It is an 800 square mile rural area centered around the school and fire district of Bridgeville. Through their work with CBI coaches, Bridgeville United has identified safety and community cohesion as key issues in the community. This includes Highway 36 safety and preparedness for wildfire and other natural disasters. Through community organizing, education, and infrastructure improvements, Bridgeville United has achieved some successes. Those include planning for new Bridgeville Community Center, a roadway safety campaign, policy change, funding for increased highway patrols and roadside emergency call boxes, and planning for installation of new firefighting water tanks.

Community Action Partnership, Southwest Santa Rosa, CA

The Community Action Partnership (CAP) is located in Southwest Santa Rosa in Sonoma County. This CBI community identified youth crime as a particularly concerning issue. With CBI coaching, residents became empowered to address visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior, and civil disorder that create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder. They focus on improving quality health, and housing stability, and improving community-police relations. Some improvements that have been achieved through CAP’s efforts include changes to the Mandatory Rental Inspection Policy, the creation of the Spanish language Code Enforcement and Crime reporting forms, and the appointment of the first Latino Chief of Police.
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