What Community Power Looks Like

CBI Community Outcomes

In the Sunset neighborhood of Santa Rosa, CA, the CAP CBI community has had some incredible impact over the past few years. Some key outcomes include:

  • Increased Community Engagement: Residents became aware and enmeshed in CBI, resident attendance at community meetings has doubled or tripled, residents became more willing to work collectively.
  • Creation of Resident Leadership: Residents elected CBI group officers, resident “core team” has been active for over two years, core team showed confidence speaking about community issues, core team had developed productive relationships with neighbors, agencies, local business and decision makers, residents and decision makers recognize CBI core team as key community stakeholder group, ABI members have been asked to attend meetings and serve on city and agency advisory bodies, CBI members have initiated policies and systems level change.
  • Empowered Residents: Other organizations look to CBI to become informed on neighborhood/community issues, problems, and resources, policies, systems, and actions directly influenced by CBI (i.e. the Mandatory Rental Inspection Policy, County Measure M resource allocation, County Measure O resource allocation and strategic planning, and more).
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